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We produce real, effective loyalty.
Target customer behavior
Reward customers for doing and buying the things that are most valuable to you.
Experiential rewards
Buy x get y rewards are not effective anymore. Reward loyal customers with special access and privileges.
Fast and fun
Customers no longer have to give up their personal information in order to start earning rewards. 

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The Game-changers

Our revolutionary approach to customer loyalty starts with 2 core concepts. But leads into much more.

Target customer behaviors

What are the highest profit margin items on your menu? What do you need to push this week? What are your slowest days or times? Now you can target very specific customer behaviors and purchases that have the most impact on your bottom line. 

Experiential rewards

Customers want more than just buy get y point systems. The most loyal customers want to feel special every time they walk in your store. Give them the special privileges and access that are most important to them. Skip the line, priority seating, behind the scenes tours, chef’s table experiences and more. 

No two etablishments are the same. Whether you’re a QSR, full-service, fast casual or other – our platform is customizable specifically to you and your customers. 

Customers earn or purchase badges that give them special privileges and discounts. Set the challenge criteria and reward customers for completing those challenges. 

We made it easy and fun for your most loyal customers to share how much they love your establishment and how special their experience is. Reward customers for sharing to their socials. 

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Memberships & Subscriptions

The next evolution in food service. 
Create recurring revenue
Create a reliable stream of income per month, paid at the beginning of the month, every month. 
Experiential rewards
Create exponential value by creating experiences for your customers – as valuable chef’s table experiences, mug/wine clubs, and other rewards. 
Increase frequency, spend and network effects. 
Members visit more often, spend more and bring more friends. 

Focus on mobile

We live in a mobile-first society. We’ve made it fast, fun and easy for customers to start engaging with your business. 

The customer’s experience with our mobile platform is what drives the increased retention and spend.

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