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Immediate loyalty rewards, no personal information required!

Metadigm engages customers from their first scan and rewards them for behaviors you want to see. We engage users up to 5x than the traditional, clunky loyalty programs.

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Use your phone to scan the QR code


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Complete challenges to earn more rewards, or redeem them at checkout with a QR code

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Metadigm is your business’ new superpower.


Make more money

Increase your customer’s spend. The most successful businesses have over 60-70% of their customers return on a monthly basis. FounderJar


White glove support

Our team of experts and partners can help you every step of the way, from ideation to implementation and marketing.

Targeted rewards

Reward users for behaviors that you want to see. Need to sell more acai bowls? Say less. Reward only the customers who buy bowls with points and badges.


Easy to use

Simple and clear interfaces. Straightforward and targeted rewards. Fully customizable for your business needs. 

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