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Leaders in the loyalty space.

Our Mission at Metadigm is to bring a new era of fast, fun, easy-to-use tools into the hands of small businesses – so that they can revolutionize the way they do businesses.

We believe business does not have to be slow and boring. We empower small business owners with the confidence and tools to grow their business in new and exciting ways. 

Our process

We speak with clients at all stages of business. From fledgling startups to global enterprises. Our team of expert loyalty strategists help walk through each business case individually to implement the best solution to meet their wants and needs.

Everybody is moving towards loyalty



We sit down with our clients and figure out what they’re primary business goals are. 



We deploy tools and software that our clients use to sell, engage and retain their customers. 

Monitor and Support

Clients gather data on their programs and measure efficacy. We provide support and training all along the way. 

Leadership Team

Metadigm enables a new revenue stream for businesses, increases your customer lifetime value and decreases your customer acquisition costs. 

Daniel Lowe

CEO / Co-founder

Shirley Lopez

COO / Co-founder

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We enable small businesses to revolutionize their business with industry leading membership and loyalty tools. 


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