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ETHDenver 2023

Mark Roddy

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Mark is an Architect/Developer in the Web3 space.

Currently, Mark is contributing to DAOHaus, a Grantee of the Ethereum Foundation PSE team building on the Semaphore protocol, and Host of the Denver Chapter of Crypto Mondays.

DAOHaus is open-source DAO tooling built on Moloch Smart contracts. DAOhaus is available to read, improve, and fork. Send in bug reports and tackle an issue. DAOhaus components can be selected and assembled in various combinations to support unique organizational needs.

The Ethereum Foundation Privacy and Scaling Exploration (PSE) team We explore new use cases for zero-knowledge proofs and other cryptographic primitives through research and proof-of-concepts. Semaphore is a protocol, designed to be a simple and generic privacy layer for Ethereum DApps. Using zero knowledge, Ethereum users can prove their membership of a group and send signals such as votes or endorsements without revealing their original identity.

CryptoMondays is the World’s Largest Community Focused on Web3 Live Events We believe that “community” is the driving force of crypto/web3, and that IRL Meetups provide unique opportunities for community members to network and learn from each other.

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